meditate journal.

Start your journey to a happier, healthier life.

Kick-start & boost your meditation practice.

Make meditation a simple & regular part of your life

Dump the distractions and prepare well so you get the most out of every session

Allow yourself the time and space to reflect on your practice & progress

3 Steps to a calm & content mind.

Training your mind is as simple as one, two, three.

1. Unplug & unload.

Modern life is complex &
full of distractions.

Unplug from the devices & unload your mind so you can focus on nothing but training your mind.

2. Prepare & practice.

It's easy to get lost when
meditating on your own.

Ensure you’re always on the right path with practical guidance and tips from modern neuroscience & buddhism.

3. Track & grow.

You can't get anywhere without knowing from where you've came.

See tangible results from your practice with weekly reviews designed by experts in meditation & mindfulness

A simple tool with a simple mission: To make meditation fit for modern life.

Until recently, I was the worst meditation student ever. 

No, really — Unless I was away on some mountain-top retreat, every time I tried to meditate, my mind would always be super busy and I’d be dying to do anything but sit still.

But that was until I noticed something. When using journalling to prompt inquiry and clear my thoughts, things would always be much clearer and more balanced. So one day, when I was on the cushion and meant to be meditating, I thought, why not combine journalling with meditation? 

And that’s when meditate journal was born.

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A simple & practical meditation journal.